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15th September, 2020

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The importance of being present

With the arrival of Covid-19, our lives have changed significatively from one day to another. In many cases, we had to transform our routines, and this has inevitably affected our emotional health: the confinement, the lack of physical activity, the absence of social relationships and the uncertainty about the future can lead us to experience anxiety and a decline in our state of mood.

Due to this, Arbue has decided to look for the help of an expert who can bring our team the necessary tools to confront this situation and bring awareness to what is happening to us. This is why last Thursday we received the online visit of psychologist Joaquín Laplace, in a conference about Mindfulness and its use in today´s modern society.

The talk was focused in the comprehension of this technique and to understand its effectiveness over the control of our thoughts and feelings. We learned about the importance of being spectators of our internal circuits, as well as observing the present moment to put a “break” to our daily routines. We held a space to practice the method, as well a moment to reflect on what was discussed and our daily experiences during the pandemic.

It was a very different meeting to what we are used to, but certainly of great use to our team, especially in the particular times that we facing right now. If you want to learn more about Joaquin´s discussions and courses you can write him at


Joaquín specializes in Mindfulness and post-traumatic stress disorder, while working on addiction centers and developing clinics in schools.

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