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March 13, 2020


As the new COVID-19 continues to advance throughout the world, it is inevitable to feel worried about it and we believe that educating ourselves about the topic is very important. That is why we received the visit of Doctor María Eugenia Luque, to discuss about all the general notions that must be known about this new pandemic.

The lecture began with a basic explanation about the characteristics of the virus, the theories about its origin, the effects it has in our bodies and its development around the world. Then we moved on to the more important topics, were we discussed the most common symptoms, the measures that an infected person needs to take, as well as the measures to prevent its contagion. Also, we learned about the different actions that we need to avoid, such as self-medication, eating animal products that are raw or undercooked, smoking, etc.

It was a brief talk, but of immense relevance in these moments of uncertainty. We´ve also made sure to instruct the correct safety measures to our stevedoring team in Ushuaia, remarking the importance of keeping a safe distance at labor, washing their hands constantly, disinfecting all the tools that they use every day and the proper use of protecting masks.


With knowledge we create conscience, and thus, we can bring some peace to our team.

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