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We have found ourselves in a very special stage of our lives. We never thought that our normality would imply seeing people on the street wearing masks and to greet our neighbors from 5 meters away, like if an invisible wall separated us. Contrary to focusing in all the negatives that this situation has brought to us, we believe it is time to think about changes and adapting to problems, instead of being part of them.

In Arbue, we have centered in taking care of our employees and customers, while at the same time bringing a little bit of relief to our health system, which is in a very sensitive state right now. Besides of complying with all the necessary protocols demanded by all customs, ports and transport companies, we have created our own regulations to mitigate all possible cases of infection in our workspace.

We are talking about a set of measurements and advises that follow the lives of our employees, whether it is from the comfort of their homes, to the use of public/private transportation and, of course, their labor in our offices and other work stations. They are based on the recommendations of the Ministry of health, and are the staple that every business should apply in these particular times.

We invite you to read our informative documents to know more about the measures we put in practice to take care of our employees.


from MSAL

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